At the core of the Omnisense S500 location solution is the whereBox location appliance. User applications connect to it in order to access the location information:

● Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, or Wi-Fi

● Standard IP protocols


● Full security and authentication of client connections

● Access on request or streamed

● Remote management capability

● omniWhere application on whereBox for local management

● High level data presentation

● Access to historical data for audit


The whereBox provides high level IP based interfaces to user applications using industry standard protocols such as HTTPS, REST, JSON, GeoJson, MQTT etc. It is responsible for collecting raw measurements from the devices, computing positions, converting them into meaningful context relevant location information, logging, storing and managing all data and presenting exactly what applications require to them in terms accessible to the application and users.

The messages are formatted as JSON data objects. JSON is a simple and widely used data-interchange format well-supported by modern scripting and programming languages.

Applications access the location information either one demand by requesting a specific item, or as a stream by subscribing to a stream for the objects and parameters of interest. Alternatively applications can query historical data for purposes of audit and statistical data analysis.

More information about interfacing to the S500 system is available on request.

The system is designed to be secure from the ground up with data encryption, secure authentication and authorisation controls.

The main data provided by the S500 System are:

● id, Device unique identifier,

● time, Local time of fix

● point, x, y and z coordinates

● velocity (in 3D)

● attitude, orientation, pitch and roll

● quality, indicator from 0 to 1, 1 is best.

● ellipse, major, minor axis and angle

● neighbours, number of devices used

● activity, mean and peak activity

● zone, id of zone the device is located in

● temp, temperature in degrees Celsius

● battery status

● various diagnostics and network information

Other fields and message types are available for more specialist applications. When using devices other than the Omnisense S500 devices with the system, such as Nanotron swarm bee, information available may differ - for example Nanotron swarm bee does not support orientation or activity.


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