The defence market places tough requirements on companies deploying location and positioning solutions in command and control environments. Not only do the solutions often have to be mission critical but they have to be quick to install with high fidelity of data.

Omnisense' Series 500 and sparse wideband (SWB) solutions:-

● are extremely portable, ideal for training, simulation or 'in theatre' environments

● are flexible enough to be suitable for many  C4ISTAR applications, where the area in which coverage is required is unknown prior to deployment

● provide situational awareness - accurately identifying and locating assets and individuals

● detect and monitor activity intensity and behavioural patterns

● provide an auditable record of the history of behavioural and positioning information

● provide a tool for improved post-operations analysis


"Omnisense has developed a tracking technology which will undoubtedly have great impact within the military sphere, not only in the realm of live training systems, but also potentially for operational use within cluttered and complex urban scenarios.”

David Eadie, UK Regional Director, Cubic Defense Applications

Omnisense's technical advantages make it an ideal solution for a defence contractor or partner

● can make use of different radios and radio bands

● the solution is easy to install

● it's scalable with the potential for integration of techniques over existing radio implementations at military frequencies

● devices are small, robust and lightweight

● have inherently high fidelity of data

● low cost of ownership


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