The location of Firefighters and Police officers when they are at an incident is critical for operational effectiveness and safety. Many industries are seeing increased requirements to provide a duty of care for workers exposed to potentially hazardous environments.

Going beyond traditional lone worker or ‘red button’ emergency solutions, Omnisense unobtrusively provides a real-time monitoring function that can provide regular activity checks or alert to unusual behaviours or changes in circumstance.

Omnisense's technical advantages make it an ideal solution for a partner service organisation:

● the solution is quick to deploy

● it's easy to integrate

● devices are small, robust and lightweight

low cost of ownership


“Over recent years there have been significant technological improvements in firefighters personal protective equipment, communications and command support systems as well as the technology and techniques used to fight fires.  Unfortunately, once a team of firefighters enters a burning building they are largely "on their own". At best, they might have voice communications and some telemetry data; the more complex the structure, the less likely that even these systems can be relied upon. From the Incident Commander's perspective it can only be hoped that the personnel within the risk area are able to follow their briefing and the procedures in which they have been trained.  Even where plans of the building are available, the actual location of the personnel within the building can only be assumed. When things go wrong, emergency crews first have to locate the personnel that need help before assistance can be given. The ability to track personnel in real time has never, until now, been achievable in any practical way using technology that can be rapidly deployed, unobtrusively with personnel as they are committed to the risk. The cluster based, completely flat architecture of the Omnisense RTLS technology offers, for the first time, the opportunity to enhance the tactical command and operational control of the incident and most importantly, firefighter safety through the real time precision tracking, in three dimensions, of firefighter resources operating within what are frequently hazardous and inhospitable working environments. Omnisense has developed what could be the next groundbreaking advance in firefighting technology."

Olaf Baars, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Omnisense' S500 solution provides:

continual awareness of location where GPS cannot be relied upon

● enhanced command, control and safety

● support for rapid deployment of personnel in hazardous environments attending incidents, safe recovery of personnel and objects

situational awareness - accurately identifying and locating assets and individuals

Improved monitoring, analysis and debriefing of training events

● detection and monitoring of activity intensity and behavioural patterns

● an auditable record of the history of behavioural and positioning information

● a tool for improved post-incident analysis and debriefing


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