Providers need to know where their patients and carers are, have up to date information on health and performance and must be able to act quickly in an emergency.

But, because resources are stretched, solutions need to be quick and easy to install and cost effective.

Domiciliary workers, home carers and healthcare providers can now use Omnisense's next generation S500 systems to:

● Provide real time positioning and vital sign data to carers and helpers

● Monitor a patient's condition, and provide an auditable history

● Locate patients, carers and assets and determine where, when and for how long people are standing, sitting, lying down, walking, including unusual movements and fall detection

● Send alerts and personal alarm calls when users enter a designated or danger area

The Omnisense solution helps carers and healthcare providers better look after their patients, residents and assets in an increasingly regulated environment.


"As a patient's relative – it's good to know that my Mum is safe 24 hours a day."

"As a care worker – it's good to know that in a crisis I won't be alone."

"As a healthcare provider – it's good to know that we have all the tools we need to do the job people expect of us."

Where other technologies fail, the Series 500 thrives:

● provides precise location both indoors and outdoors

● it's easier to install than other location technologies

more accurate than infra-red, RFID, RSSI and WiFi

● we're on all-the-time

● we minimise disruption - simple infrastructure

cheaper than any wired solution with low total cost of ownership

Better information

Better security

Better care


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