From construction to logistics, mining to automotive, companies face similar problems when it comes to managing people and assets in complex industrial environments. Trading off safety, healthcare, efficiency and cost involves selecting the right location and asset management solution.

Omnisense's Location Solution:

● provides continual awareness of location where GPS cannot be relied upon in mines, warehouses and depot environments

● protects key assets leading to rapid recovery and collision avoidance

● provides situational awareness - accurately identifying and locating assets and individuals

● monitor activity levels and behavioural patterns

● provides an auditable record of the history of location information

● provides a tool for improved post-operations incident management analysis


Omnisense's Series 500 can be used to provide 'go anywhere' seamless local and wide area positioning to ensure visibility and control at all times, improving operability, saving turn-round time and manpower, and reducing communications costs.

Omnisense's technical advantages make it an ideal solution for a partner service organisation:

● the solution is quick to deploy

● it's easy to integrate with or replace existing GPS solutions

● devices are small, robust and lightweight

● low cost of ownership

  • reliable Performance
  • rapid Pace of deployment
  • at an affordable Price
  • Peace of mind


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