The need for accurate location and combined activity information is increasingly essential for reliable and efficient operation.

Omnisense is focussed on these needs and on cost effective, easily operable solutions.

Market investigation has shown a clear need for innovative solutions in a number of different areas. Omnisense is active in addressing five of these markets:

Site Logistics, Yard Management,  Safety, Mining, Construction, Marine, Fleet Management, Worker Proximity.

Dairy cow monitoring (oestrus, well-being, lameness), Animal Husbandry, Environmental Monitoring.

Firefighters, First Responders, Police, Prisons, Incident Management, Event Management and Security.

Dementia Care, Post-operative Care, Sports and Fitness Training, Careworker Protection, Athlete Tracking, Sport.

Soldier Training, GPS-denied Situations, Situational Awareness, Blue force Tracking.


Series 500 cluster technology opens many opportunities. No infrastructure, the ability to “Place and Play” is highly relevant to a wide variety of applications in healthcare, defence and first responder services, where it is vital to know where people are in real time reliably and accurately.

Many aspects of industrial activity, from control of vehicle fleets in depots to location of pipeline problems in the oil industry, to location and tracking of miners and equipment in open cast and sub-surface mines can also benefit greatly from this technology, where it helps businesses meet real needs of cost efficiency, safety and security.

"I’m very pleased with the results and I think you are all to be congratulated on the success of your work and the development of your technology; it is genuinely very impressive."

Marcus Boardall, Group Finance Director, Reed Boardall Transport Ltd



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