Next year possibly we will track the relative progress of the members of the peloton. .

S500 for motion and behaviour monitoring:

● Oestrus detection in dairy cows

● Animal wellbeing, lameness detection

● Speed and distance in sport

● Step counting

● Attitude detection: stand, sit, lie

● Orientation: facing direction, pitch and roll

● Impact measurements

● Vibration assessment

● Personnel dead reckoning (PDR)

● Inertial navigation (INS)

● GPS-denied navigation

● Fall detection

● Rehabilitation, post-operative care

● Time-activity profiling


For positioning information to be of value to applications, and users, it needs to be so much more than just an X, Y, Z position or Latitude and Longitude. Location is also about relationships between things, movement, orientation and the behavioural context of the object being located.

The Omnisense S500 system includes a rich set of motion sensors that allow it to measure and characterise many aspects of motion and behaviour of the object (person, animal or thing) being located.

Each S500 node includes a high-performance 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer plus optional 3-axis rate gyroscope and altimeter.

These motion sensors are capable of measuring motion of the node and then using this to characterise the behaviour of the object being monitored.

In order to relate the motion of the sensor node to the object being monitored it is necessary to attach it to the object, person or animal in a defined known way. When tracking dairy cows, for example, the node is fitted to a collar worn around the cow's neck.

For sport, healthcare and defence applications the person being monitored wears the node is a way appropriate for its purpose: it may be attached to clothing, wrist worn or even worn around the neck pendant style.

The S500 system captures motion data, analyses it and produces behavioural information relating to the target application. This information is linked with position to provide a rich set of capabilities to the user application.

S500 may be used for dairy cow monitoring:

● Oestrus and fertility optimisation

● Lameness detection, animal welfare

● Milk yield and food intake analysis

when combined with high precision 30cm positioning accuracy a range of time-space budget statistics become available, the purpose being to increase milk productivity.

There is tremendous pressure on healthcare resources and a desire to increase the amount and quality of care that can be done in the patient's own home, especially for illness such as dementia.

The S500 system can provide clinical level measurements of patient mobility and behaviour from which clinicians can detect patient well being in real time. Fall detection and call button provide additional levels of comfort to users.

Apart from the obvious capability of tracking sports players in real-time to very high accuracy including velocity and orientation, the S500 system provides rich motion and behavioural data allowing details of sportsman performance to be measured: step counts, cadences, impact levels, speed and relative position in the field, true distance run measures etc.

These performance measurements are useful for both real-time tracking and training applications.


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Next year possibly we will track the relative progress of the members of the peloton. .
Next year possibly we will track the relative progress of the members of the peloton. .