Sep-2016: Omnisense has joined the ARM mbed partner and adopted the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform and developer ecosystem, presaging the creation of commercial, standards-based location solutions at scale (see partner profile page). Omnisense is pleased to contribute to a Partner Ecosystem of leading embedded and cloud technology companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs who share a vision for the future where development and deployment of commercial Internet of Things (IoT) devices is possible at scale, and who share a desire to collaborate on projects and plans to make that vision is a reality.

May-2016: Following the launch of the fully featured S524 high accuracy sensor incorporating DW1000, incorporating ToA positioning within the S500 system, Omnisense are pleased to become Decawave partners (see partner profile page).

Feb-2016: Omnisense launches the whereBox location appliance at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremburg in conjunction with Nanotron swarm bee. The whereBox provides the Omnisense Joint Timing and Location Engine with database backend and full support for the Location API in a small form factor as a simple plug-and-play appliance device. The whereBox support both Omnisense S500 Cluster Location Devices and Nanotron swarm bee devices for positioning. Additional devices and systems will be added in the future.

Feb-2016: Omnisense is pleased to officially launch its updated S500 Cluster Positioning System comprising the S524 Personnel, S534 Rugged, and S554 gateway devices. These devices combine 2.4GHz CSS with UWB and Bluetooth Smart in a tri-mode radio implementation for the ultimate in positioning accuracy (20cm) and communication distances up to 400m and networks that can span kilometres using the Omnisense mesh network implementation. In addition to radio positioning the devices include a full suite of motion sensors giving the ability to resolve full 3D object orientation as well as velocity and position, all in a credit card sized package (10mm thick). Flexible power options, includiing Qi wireless changing, are included. The full capability of these devices is supported by the whereBox.

Feb-2016: David Bartlett gives a talk to the CETC about indoor positioning summarising some of the key technologies that can be used and some of the issues holding back wide-scale adoption, citing challenges in contextualising and presenting indoor location information in ways that users can easily relate to.

Dec-2015: Press release announcing cooperation between Omnisense and Nanotron to integrate Nanotron swarm bee devices into the Omnisense Localisation system. First solutions from the joint initiative will be presented at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23-25.

Sep-2015: Andy Thurman speaking at the AgriTech East September Pollinator, Engineering, electronics and software for agriculture, which is being held on Tuesday 22 September at Russell Smith Farms, Elmdonbury. To find out more visit the event page here.

Jun-2015:  Omnisense awarded Agri-Tech Growth Initiative R&D funding - Thanks to the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Omnisense has been awarded funding to carry out cutting edge research via The Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative. The grant award of £60,000 will be used to make it simple for non-expert installers to set up Omnisense's sophisticated indoor positioning system. This will greatly increase the Dairy market accessibility of Omnisense position and behaviour monitoring system, which is used on farms to promote well-being, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately increase farmer’s milk yields. More information is available from the official press release and associated Business Weekly article.

Jun-2015:  Joining keynote speakers from Arm and Flexeye at the 42nd Intelligent Sensing Programme (ISP42) KTN Event in London, Omnisense CTO David Bartlett called for an ontology for Location, arguing that as a key ingredient in future IoT applications there needs to be a common language to describe location. More than simple x and y coordinates, location needs to be described in terms of height, velocity, orientation and time. Moreover this must be provided with a measure of confidence which tells applications how far they can trust each location. Working with the Hypercat consortium and InnovateUK, Omnisense is leading the drive towards a common description of location within a secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) for Industry.

Mar-2015: New White Paper - WP007 Efficient accurate positioning. Why radios need ToA capability. The future of ubiquitous indoor positioning needs to progress beyond basic RSSI proximity measurements. For real scale the use of Time of Arrival (ToA) will be required. Industry has steered away from ToA, largely because it is complex and difficult to do well, but the Omnisense JTLE is changing this. All that is needed now is a richer eco-system of radios and radio chips, and our White Paper explains how.

Feb-2015: Omnisense presenting, and demonstrating, at 25 Feb CSIC workshop event on the Internet of Things for Construction and Smart Cities. David Bartlett discusses ways in which Omnisense is utilising knowledge of how to wirelessly position objects (people and Things) and report their behaviour to enable Construction with IoT. Applications from BIM to asset utilisation, workflow efficiency to safety can all benefit in the rapidly changing environment of construction sites from an integrated and real-time information view of where Things are.

Oct-2014:  Winner of InnovateUK R&D location services competition. The construction industry employs 10% of the UK workforce and is 2nd only to agriculture for the incidence of death or injury in the workplace. The £584k CAMEL project (Construction Asset Management using Enhanced Location) will provide improved building site efficiency and safety through knowledge of the location and behaviour of workers and assets around construction sites using Omnisense's Series 500 relative positioning system, delivered in timely fashion by collaborative R&D partners 1248 and 3Squared, supported by construction majors. Promoting best practice and applying open standards from the IoT (internet of Things) for location the outputs of the project will comply with BIM (Building Information Modelling), enabling authorised personnel to access real-time information on or off site using local or cloud based services.

Jun-2014:  Application Note issued. Successfully used to monitor personnel location in metallic ship engine rooms, as well as warehouses and tunnels, the Omnisense Series 500 positioning system is aimed at professional applications involving groups or teams of people and/or assets operating in a local area. We are partnering with STG Media Systems to develop the market for Maritime tracking applications.

May-2014:  Omnisense present "Real Time location systems for Agriculture" talk at InCrops/National Farmers Union event on "Enabling benefit from renewable, bio-based and low-carbon technologies" along with system demonstration to an audience of growers, planters, estate managers and farmers.

Feb-2014:  Omnisense feature in IET Engineering and Technology Magazine article on "Mission-critical location-based services”, exploring the growing use of innovative mobile locating solutions “for more serious – even mission critical – situations”, such as emergency services and defence (registration to IET website required to read article).

Sep-2013:  White papers "Location Engine for Co-operative Positioning" and "Radio Requirements for Omnisense Relative Positioning" issued for public release. Click on the links or visit Support page to find out more about the flexibility and portability of the frequency agnostic Omnisense approach to positioning.

Sep-2013:  Omnisense cow-tracking project features on BBC Radio 4 In Business programme on the Internet of Things, and associated TV News Item. Peter Day pays a visit to the Farm in Essex where Omnisense equipment is being used by our partners from Writtle College/University of Essex to measure individual and social behaviour in dairy cattle and to develop warning algorithms for lameness, mastitis and other conditions, the early detection of which can save the UK farming industry up to £100m/year.

Jul-2013:  See latest Series 500 products displayed on the Omnisense stand in the start-up zone at the 5th Future of Wireless International Conference (FWIC5) at The Moller Centre, Cambridge 1-2 July 2013 "Everything Will Be Connected (Did you really say 50 billion devices?)"

Jun-2013: Omnisense and Feuerlabs announce partnership to trial Exosense for scalability and device management. Press Release.

May-2013: Omnisense pushes button on scale manufacture of groundbreaking Series 500 Cluster Relative Positioning Products with release of GCN-523 and GCN-533 enhanced capability Series 500 positioning products, being applied across our target markets.

May-2013: Press Release announcing closure of £150,000 Friends and Family Investment Round.

Apr-2013:  Omnisense presentation from 23 April event on "Cooperative positioning and M2M communication for navigation", organised by the Position Navigation and Timing ICT KTN.

Apr-2013:  Cambridge University Press (CUP) publishes “Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology”, authored by Omnisense CTO David Bartlett.

Mar-2013: Vector Command to integrate Omnisense cluster relative positioning system with their Command Support System, for the Emergency Services market.

Mar-2013: Becker Mining Systems agree radio positioning partnership programme with Omnisense.

Feb-2013: Omnisense successfuly completes yard management trial for Reed Boardall Group, the UK's largest single site frozen consolidator, with a fleet of over 240 refrigerated trailers.

Feb-2013: Omnisense exhibit for third year at Security Industry Technology Fair.

Nov-2012: Omnisense systems used on £820k BBSRC project to advance knowledge of Individual and Social behaviour in Dairy cows (with Writtle College and Universities of Essex, Exeter & the RVC). BBSRC Spring 2013 with Omnisense sensor on front cover (article page 18).

Sep-2012: Press Release. Strategic partnership announced with MECOMO AG.

Aug-2012: "Relatively precise" article in Land Mobile magazine.

Jun-2012: Omnisense exhibit at Cambridge Wireless Future of Wireless International Conference.

May-2012: Omnisense partners with Nanotron to exhibit in Berlin at IdTechEx Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Europe 2012.

May-2012: Omnisense partners with Acumentive to demonstrate wireless fall detection alerting capability at Healthcare & Informatics Expo.

Feb-2012: Omnisense exhibit at Security Industry Technology Fair.

Nov-2011: Launch of Omnisense Series 500 Evaluation Kits; for businesses and researchers to build their own relative positioning applications.

Oct-2011: Omnisense speak on novel "Techniques to achieve 9D positioning" from portable wireless sensor systems, at (u-World-2011) in Dalian, China.

Sep-2011: Omnisense articles in Wireless Mag and Microscope online.

May-2011: First Series 500 cluster relative positioning system shipped.

Feb-2011: Expanded Omnisense team moves into new Cambridge office.

Nov-2010: Omnisense speak on “Seamless Geolocation in a Wireless Sensor Network” at Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS 2010., Boston, USA.

Sep-2010: Omnisense issues Dementia Care Application Note and video.

Sep-2010: Press Release. Products described in New Scientist article.

May-2010: Omnisense begin 2 year Eurostars TSB funded programme towards development of Series 500 product, with Sensing & Control, Spain.


Omnisense's core expertise rests in adding value to our Partners and Customers through knowledge of Location and Behaviour. Our new approach to localisation dramatically reduces cost and complexity.

Required reference by Omnisense CTO David Bartlett, published by Cambridge University Press

Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology, by David Bartlett


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Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology, by David Bartlett
Essentials of Positioning and Location Technology, by David Bartlett