OP003 Series 500 One-Pager

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PD004 Series 500 System

PD009 GCN524 Precise Positioning Sensor

PD011 PCH524 Powered Holder

PD012 GCN554 Hybrid Gateway

PD008 whereBox

The Omnisense Localisation System is optimised for position, motion and behaviour tracking in local areas, indoors and outdoors for groups or teams of objects:

● Locating people on site

● Worker protection, health and safety

● Healthcare, dementia, post-operative care

● Sport, real-time and training

● Leisure and event management

● Emergency services, fire, police, security

● Transport logistics, fleet, yard management

● Animal tracking and welfare monitoring

● Mining and industrial site asset monitoring

Omnisense can supply evaluation systems, the scale of which can be tailored according to application need.

See attached links for sample Terms, or contact sales@omnisense.co.uk for a tailored quotation.


At the heart of the Omnisense tracking solution is the whereBox - a secure, compact and versatile Location Appliance.

The whereBox collects measurements from tracking devices and computes positions and location information about them. The results are stored in a database and made available to applications that connect to the whereBox using IP and standard protocols such as HTTP, REST, JSON, GeoJson and MQTT.

Locations are computed in 3D and (devices permitting) include velocity and object orientation as well as quality metrics. Results may be delivered as a real time stream, on demand, queries of past records or as statistics and can be delivered as coordinates (Cartesian or geographic) or as a context based on configured geo-zones, landmarks or points of interest.

The whereBox provides all the facilities and tools needed to configure and manage the devices as well as access to the system by operators or external applications.

Assets to be tracked are fitted with tags such as the Omnisense S524, and a number of additional devices are used to reference the positioning solution to the operating area by installing them in fixed known locations. The Joint Timing and Location Engine running the whereBox uses a wide range of techniques in order to compute the best possible position:

  • Time-of-Arrival of Radio signals exchanged between devices
  • Time-of-Flight ranging between devices
  • Motion sensor inputs - inertial navigation
  • Proximity, such as Bluetooth Smart
  • GPS and Wi-Fi signals (optional)

Omnisense's solution typically comprises:

● A whereBox

● One or more gateway devices (S554)

● A number of devices (S524) which may be used as anchors, beacons or tags as the customer wishes

The system can also use of certain third party devices such as Nanotron swarm bee instead of the Omnisense S500 devices, in which case only the whereBox is required.

Our customers buy the system in one of the following ways:-

1 Purchase of a system with an annual support and maintenance contract

2 Lease of equipment with a licence to use, subject to a minimum lease period

3 Licence to use, integrate and manufacture within an agreed field of use and territory

In addition Omnisense supplies evaluation products to accredited partners.

For more information please contact: info@omnisense.co.uk


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